Influencer marketing: an inexpensive marketing campaign with proven success !

How to find the right influencers for your business?

 How much does it cost?

How to make sure you see your ROI?? 

What to expect when you conduct a campaign with us?

Influencer marketing is more complex than we think! With Social Networld, we take care of everything for you!

From influencer selection to campaign profitability, contract negotiation, art direction, technology management and more!

Receive your free consultation to find out about influencer marketing.

Expand your client base

Marketing for a new generation

Over the years, the ability to reach consumers has evolved into new technologies. See the difference! Be ready! Innovate!

Collect your customer data

And feel the power of retargeting

All marketing experts agree : If the list of potential customers is qualified and targeted, it means more customers into your business and your company will grow!

Improve your brand awareness​​​​

One public figure at a time

A positive perception of your business towards your customers is essential to the acquisition and retention of new customers. By using celebrities in your marketing, they translate their brand image to yours.

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The Social Networld Difference

The Social Networld business model is simple and performance based! With no upfront cost, you can develop a new direct customer base, generate additional sales and quickly help you acquire a superior brand image.

Exceeding expectations is our first goal. For us, each client is different and requires an specific action plan. By working together with our network of public figures and media, we will raise your business to a higher level in terms of customers acquisiton and with your brand image. 

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We are Social

And passionate about what we do. 

Jonathan Dénommée - Co-Founder and President

A born leader, Jonathan has 13 years of direct marketing experience. Founder, motivator and lead initiator of Social Networld, Jonathan has led, over the years, 5 offices in Canada, offering marketing services for the fields of restauration, relaxation, car care and entertainment.

Sean Devine - Co-Founder and Vice-President of Développement 

With 25 years of experience in direct marketing, Sean is internationally respected for his unique ability to identify sustainable programs, implement key strategies, and fortify client loyalty. He launched promotional marketing in Africa, Belgium, France, the U.S. and Canada. These included the Hilton Hotel chain, Pizza Hut and the sports franchises of the Montreal Expos and Ottawa Senators.

Guyaume Arseneault  - Co-Founder and Vice-President of Development

With successful business, radio and television experience,  Guyaume is passionate about strategic development, sales and marketing. Member of Groupe Blanchette , Guyaume stood out at the head of Quebec chains Taï Zone, Chocolato, Frit's Burgers & Poutines and Portofino Club Italien.

Yannick Léger - Co-Founder and Vice-President Marketing

After years of managing traditional advertising, Yannick stands out today for his strengths in innovation and analysis. These pushed Yannick to transfer its acquired sales, marketing and advertising experience in to social media. In recent years, Yannick has increased the customer acquisition of over fifteen companies, particularly with the World Gym Quebec network.

The Social Networld concept

As Social Networld's business model is results-based, we all have an interest in making your business succesful! Besides having a proven financial model and constantly evolving with new technologies, we are the best asset for a successful influencer campaign. Social Networld will evaluate your needs and select the best influencers to promote your brand image. 

 The Social Networld process

Step 1 : 

The purpose of the pre-meeting is only to set your goals and properly target your business potential. 

Step 2 :
Action plan

After analysis, we will prepare your strategic plan for before, during and after the campaign. Then, we will implement our action plan with top influencers and the latest technology

Step 3 : 
Be prepared for customers in 24 hours

Our service is fast and effective!

The sales process is built and proven to increase your customers in real time, in an instant manner.

All you have to do is welcome them!

Step 4 : 
The power of retargeting

Congratulations! You have now acquired a new clientele!

Our data program is specifically designed FOR companies to retain this current batch of new customer. In addition, you will receive all the data from people who have shown interest in your business, in order to maximize your customer list. 

Influencer marketing 
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We have a flexible, results-oriented approach and our experts will be happy to offer you a consultation for free! In addition, we currently have influencers who are ready to launch your campaign now.


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